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The Idaho Wine Awards is the largest and most prestigious wine recognition program for the state of Idaho. Lauded by consumers, retailers and industry alike, the integrity of our process is unparalleled from the: selection of tasting panelist; sensory criteria; professional protocol; service standards; and a safety-first environment. Established in 2015 the Idaho Wine Awards team has continually proven to be a leader in every facet and mechanics of professional wine tasting. Our strong, colorful and highly visible etched medals are the finest in the industry and wield instant elevation and cause for celebration.

Results are published on-line at: IdahoWineAwards.com / Instgram@idahowineawards / TasteNW.com / and featured on 2mintasting.com
Results are sent to local, regional and national newspapers and PR agencies.

There is no limit to the number of entries – you may submit current releases as well as wine from past vintages and past evaluations.

NO. Please include One Entry Form per Each Winery/Brand. With thousands of wines and hundreds of entries, this helps us ensure your samples are properly checked, processed and evaluated.

Tech sheets provide us with pertinent information such as variety composition, vineyard sources, residual sugar, appellation information, fruits, blend percentages. Please include these with each entry.

Pay by check included with shipment.

Channel One Productions
1733 45th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116-2010

or by Credit Card with On-line Entry at: IdahoWineAwards.com

We taste and evaluate a host or red wine styles, varieties and blends vinted and harvested 10 years prior and award Double Gold to recognize and celebrate the powerful expression of character, graceful maturity, class and longevity.

YES. UPS, Fed-Ex or Hand delivery is welcome to Esquin Wine & Spirits. Please ensure your boxes are well marked / labeled / identified and secure with tape and include a copy of your Entry Form, Tech Sheets and Check or Payment Receipt by April 2.

Please ensure handwriting is clear, legible and correct. Results sent via email by May 10. Unfortunately, ‘to err is human’…and mistakes happen. We make every effort to be concise and request your edits/corrections to us by May 15. Results posted On-Line June 1.



We are now accepting entries for the 2024 Idaho Wine Awards. Registration open until April 2, 2024.